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Cultural Tips

Outdoor activities are exciting, interesting and enjoyable. However, no activity in temperatures below zero makes you happy unless you are warm. Make sure you have proper clothing on you.

Chasing the Northern Lights is trending today although chances to spot them vary every night. It’s worth bearing in mind two major factors. First, the sky has to be clear in order to avoid the clouds reducing visibility. Second, the strength of solar storm counts.

Wise Arctic nature balances dark winters with the atmospheric natural phenomenon, the Midnight Sun. Hence the Land of the Midnight Sun, where in June and July the sun does not set below horizon at all and stays near the North Pole. Days are as light as nights, make sure you don’t confuse them.

There are approximately 110 thousand lakes in the Murmansk region. Lake Imandra is one of the largest in Russia covering the area of 876 square kilometres while lake Umbozero is one of the deepest. Actually, getting over a hill you are certain to come across a smaller lake.

The Murmansk region used to be completely covered with the glacier, which when leaving left a large number of deep “scratches” in the ground. They later became rivers. There are over 18 thousand rivers and rivulets ranging from more than 100 kilometres to 100 metres in length.

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